Ripple Founder Larson Makes Waves On Rich List


Ripple co-founder Chris Larson has elbowed his way in to the Forbes rich list as the wealthiest person to make their fortune solely from cryptocurrency.

Larson made 383rdplace out of 400 wealthy tycoons on the list with a personal net worth of 42.1 billion.

The list timing was not good for Larson – in January before the dip in digital currency prices took a grip, he had an estimated personal wealth of $37 billion.

Other crypto magnates vying for top place in the list ahead of Larson include Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin, the Winklevoss twins and Coinbase exchange founder Brian Armstrong.

Larson reportedly holds more than 5 billion Ripple XRP tokens, which are trading at $0.48.

Airport shopping with crypto takes off

Airport shopping with cryptocurrency is about to take off in Australia.

Brisbane Airport has signed a deal with exchange Binance to set up a system that will allow travellers to buy from shops in the two terminals with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin and Binance Coin.

Binance is dropping $2.5 million into the project through a take-over of payment platform TravelByBit.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao said: “Real, on-the-ground, just-when-you-need-it use case is key for further crypto adoption. In this light, there is no better fit than being able to use your crypto when traveling, just after you land in a foreign country, where you may not have the local currency.”

Tron takes on old-fashioned Ethereum

Tron is shaping up to take on Ethereum has the blockchain of choice for fast transactions and secure contracts.

Founder and Tron Foundation CEO Justin Sun has announced the platform is launching a virtual machine to rival Ethereum.

The VM allows Tron to test and run large-scale applications like Ethereum, while the launch also includes Era, Tron’s new smart contract add-on.

Sun claims the technology will make Tron 200 times faster than Ethereum and 100 times cheaper than EOS.

“If we look at the top 10 cryptocurrencies, many of them are not motivated to continue innovating or improving their product. They represent the older generation of cryptos,” Sun said.

“Tron, on the other hand, is a young company with cutting edge technology, with much more room for growth. We are confident that Tron will surge into top 10 in the next 6 months.”