Big Brands Boost Their Blockchain Technology Offerings


Mainstream companies are starting to take up blockchain technologies to power their products.

A leading web browser is testing a wallet to give ethereum investors and traders easy access to their cryptocurrency.

Meanwhile, mobile phone brand HTC is ready to launch the first blockchain handset.

The top-of-the-range Exodus smartphone will cost around $1,000 and will have apps that offer a cold wallet for storing cryptocurrency offline and key recovery.

The android phone is likely to hit the streets in September, with a company web site already taking the details of interested buyers.

CryptoKitties partners with smartphone provider

“Our vision is to expand the blockchain ecosystem by creating the world’s first phone dedicated to decentralized applications and security. With the release of the HTC Exodus we can now make this a reality,” says the HTC web site.

HTC is also partnering with blockchain blockbuster CryptoKitties, a game centred around breeding, buying and selling collectibles cartoon cats for bitcoin or ethereum.

The hugely popular app raised more than $400,000 on the day of release and the cash is still rolling in.

CryptoKitties may come with the HTC Exodus, but a standalone device for playing the game is on the way as well.

Browser with built-in wallet for ether

Separately, Opera, the popular web browser, is in private beta on android with a wallet supporting ethereum that comes with a promise that other coins will follow soon.

Opera is ahead of other browsers in the cryptocurrency market as the wallet means users no longer need a third-party app to move their cryptocurrency or to interact with decentralised apps (Dapps). Secure cryptocurrency payments will be made with Coinbase Commerce.

The browser already has built-in anti-cryptojacking software and a Dapp explorer that leads to a curated range of apps.

Product manager Charles Hamel said Opera will support more cryptocurrencies and networks in the future.

“Although the current selection of merchants accepting cryptocurrencies is very limited, we think cryptocurrency payments will become more popular in the near future, as crypto wallets become easier to use and understand,” he said.

Opera has opened beta testing to approved users, who can apply through the company’s web site.